eXtension eXtravaganza

Two Power Trainings – One Weekend

Examples of  VIPLASHES

VIPLASHES a Swiss Concept

VIPLASHES located in the South of Switzerland was founded in 2009 by Owners Peter and Ute Verweymeren. Through years of hard work and sacrifice, VIPLASHES has grown to be #1 eyelash company in Switzerland and Germany. The Swiss Eyelash Concept through Masterful and Creative trainings and new innovations with the highest of quality products and standards is why VIPLASHES will be your salons choice for Eyelash Extensions in North America in 2019.

Meet the Trainers

Examples of 4ST Seamless Hair Extensions

Buddy Sharp – 4ST Seamless Hair Extension method

4ST Seamless Hair Extension method was created through years of effort and creative outside of the box thinking. In the past STRAND by STRAND was a 10 to 12-hour application. In 2005 Buddy Sharp created the 4ST method, a 2-hour application that made hair extensions beautiful, simple and affordable. This opened up huge markets for clients who prior couldn’t afford such a laborious and expensive service. The 4ST Seamless Method is a Registered Trade Mark and is taught in North America and Europe By Buddy and son Master Stylist Preston Sharp. This can your method of HAIR EXTENSIONS.

Meet the Trainers

  • Join us March 17th 9am-6pm

    4ST Seamless Hair Extension Training

  • Join us March 18 9am-6pm

    for VIPLASHES Training

  • Dallas, Texas

    Courtyard by Marriott Addison
    4165 Proton Dr
    Addison, TX 75001
  • World Class Educators from the US and Switzerland

  • Hair Extension Kits

    • 50 pieces of Practice Hair
    • Mannequin and Stand
    • Applicator Wand
    • Removal Tool and Spray
    • Universal Color Ring

    • K Glue
    • Primer
    • Pre Cleansing
    • Sample of our revolutionary Speed Dry
    • Eye Pads
    • 10 Cleaning Sticks
    • 10 Zylinder Brushes
    • 10 Mascara Brushes
    • 5D .07 Fanning Lashes (4 boxes)
    • KK Lashes Mixed Box (1 box)
    • Tweezers
    • Tape
    • Tajani Cosmetics Lash Foam
    • Cleansing Brush
    • Crystal Glass Glue Plate
    • Airblower
  • Dominate your career and improve your earnings

Reserve Your Spot
Must be a licensed cosmetologist, barber or currently enrolled in cosmetology school

Seamless Hair Extension Reservation of Training Agreement.
To reserve a Training Space in the Seamless Hair Extension Training event on Dates March 17th and 18th to be held in Dallas Texas. Trainee and Buddy Sharp, Educator and or representative of event organizer, KKmogul Inc., LLC. agree upon a non-refundable reservation fee in the amount of $495.00. In the event Trainee cancels or fails to attend Seamless Hair Extension Training on the Reserved Dates  listed, for any reason. KKmogul Inc. Shall suffer losses that are difficult to ascertain. As such, Trainee agrees that, in the event of cancellation by Trainee, such $495.00 shall be forfeited by Trainee and paid to KKmogul Inc. as liquidated damages and not as a penalty. Trainee and KKmogul Inc. agree that such amount is reasonable.